Braining Mum


Branding material and logotype

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Brand awareness and positioning

Do you know where your closest hospital is? A few meters from here, where surely some mother has lived one of the worst experiences of her life. A stroke, a tumor, an anoxia … A brain damage. I say mother and not woman, because perhaps what matters most to her after saving her life is how she will live motherhood from that moment.

Will she be the mother she imagined to be? Will you be able to live parenting with the dream attachment? How will maternity change the harm? Once your life is saved, the most important thing, more than work, driving, or anything else, will be to recover a satisfactory motherhood. And this is why Braining Mum arises. Because we know what brain damage is and because we know how important it is to enjoy parenting.

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Posted on

11th June 2023