Caleido Human Creative Hub

Caleido builds meaningful products, invests in new ideas, and helps companies grow through its emphasis on positive impact and sustainability.

It provides a value, a value that generates a human change. As a venture-builder, consultant, educator and accelerator, Caleido generates, through design, what we call an exponential positive impact.

Plant the seed of impact in the projects, so that these projects plant the seed in others.

We create products and experiences that people need and expect. Always in a sustainable way, and proving that you can have profits that do good.

Design is an engine that can bring a positive change to humanity.

Design in the new age of intelligence

As we move forward into a world where technology plays an increasingly vital role, generative design emerges as a game-changer. Its ability to unlock new possibilities, accelerate the design process, and foster sustainable innovation is reshaping industries across the globe. Let’s embrace generative design and pioneer the future of design together!

Our Approach

Your ideas are seeds for a better world

Our Mission

Caleido generates an exponential positive impact through design and creative technology

Our Vision

We are a collective of professionals, envisioned as a human creative hub. People of diverse origins, who can contribute with different experiences or opinions. In a dynamic and collaborative environment, generating the maximum possible impact